Early Childhood Education

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Be Like Jesus Companion

Developing a Caring child

Empathy is the ability to understand and be sensitive to other people's feelings and it helps us to be more attached to our family, friends, and Christ. Putting oneself in someone else's shoes is also critical for the development of gratitude, hope, and compassion. While teaching young children to care for our environment, for animals, and for one another, we are demonstrating how God loves and cares for us.
Ellen, G. White. Counsel to Parents, Teachers and Students, p. 61

Bible Verses:

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth

Exodus 20:11 In six days God made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day

Psalm 139:14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works

Caring — Birth-3

You are an important influence on the children in your care. Your children will learn by your example what caring looks like, your tone of voice, the smile on your lips and in your eyes, when responding to their needs or to their friend’s need. When your children see you acting in a caring way, they will mimic your actions and act in a caring way, too!

Bible Stories

Read Genesis 1:1-31. Share with your child the beautiful story of creation
Read Psalm 148. Share how we are tp praise God for His mighty works of creation.
Read Job 12:7-10. Share how we can learn much about the nature of God through the exploration of nature.

Peter and the Lame Man — Toddler

I can help others.

Noah's Big Boat — Toddler

I thank God for taking good care of me.

Healed at Last! — Toddler

We praise God for taking good care of us

The great work of parents and teachers working together is character building—seeking to restore the image of Christ in those placed under their care. All true education may be made to help in the development of a righteous character. The formation of character is the work of a lifetime, and it is for eternity.

Light: watch a sunrise  together

Sky:  Fly  a kite and watch it soar

Water/Plants:  Visit the beach, a  lake or a botanical garden

Sun, Moon, Stars: Visit a Planaterium

Sea Life:  Visit an Aquarium

Animals and Man:  Visit the Zoo (animals) Create an “All About Me” photo album with your child

Sabbath:  Start a graden (big or small) and provide your child the opportunity to care for the plants (planting, watering, weeding, etc). Help your child make the connection that Jesus cares for themjust as they care for their garden.  Praise God as a family for His mighty works.

Family Connections

Empathy is critical for the development of gratitude, hope, and compassion and helps us to be more attached to our family, friends, and Christ. Teaching young children to care for others teaches how God loves and cares for us.

BIG IDEA: Responsibility

Adventist History – Joseph Bates

When Joseph was a boy he lived by the sea. He loved the water, fish and wind. When he was in his boat on the ocean, he could see dolphins, sharks, jellyfish and whales! Being on his boat, though, took Captain Joseph Bates away from home. He often missed home. As his boat sailed on and on he would see all the beautiful fish, but he would start looking for birds. Do you know why? Because fish live in the water, but birds live in trees and rocks and grass! Birds don’t live in the water! Whenever Captain Joseph Bates saw birds, he knew he was near trees, rocks, grass and best of all, home! Do you like going home? Does it make you happy to be at home? Do you think Captain Bates was happy when he got home? Oh, yes, I’m sure he was; he loved the ocean, but he loved home, too. God created all the beautiful animals in the ocean, and He created the birds, too, so that sailors like Captain Joseph Bates will know when they are close to home. What a wonderful God we have!

Activities for Caring

Implement a recycling program—

  • Teach children about the benefits of recycling and use it as an opportunity to teach math skills such as sorting.
  • Allow the children to “invent” something using recycled materials.

Show care, concern, and compassion for others.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Make lap quilts for persons in nursing homes. Have the children decorate the squares and write messages on them then sew or tie the squares together in order to make a quilt. Quilt kits can be purchased at Oriental Trading
  • Send care packages to persons serving overseas in the armed forces.
  • Bake small loaves of bread for sick and shut in church members. There is a great bread recipe for bread in Thank You God for My Food by Edwina Neely.
  • Bake cookies for local community workers (fire fighters, police officers, etc).
  • Carve out time during the day (perhaps during circle time or meal time) for the children to share with one another what they like about their neighbor/the person sitting next to them. You can give them a sentence starter such as “The thing I like the most about you is ____________” or “I like when you_____________”. Take a few minutes each day to affirm one another.
  • Have mail baskets somewhere in the class for each student. Encourage the children to make cards or write notes to one another. Teachers should also write notes to each child at least a few times a week, affirming them and letting them know that you care and that they are special.