Early Childhood Education

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You are an important influence on the children in your care. Your children will learn by your example what caring looks like, your tone of voice, the smile on your lips and in your eyes, when responding to their needs or to their friend’s need. When your children see you acting in a caring way, they will mimic your actions and act in a caring way, too!
Learning Objectives

Repetition helps make your baby feel safe and learning increases. Signing and say ‘Hello’ at the beginning of your activity each time signals to your infants that play-time is about to begin.



Good Morning #1
I Open My Bible Carefully #28
Jesus Loves Me #102
Fishy Fishy #161
Sabbath School is Over #46 (word change at end of lesson)
Little Voices Praise Him Songbook Review and Herald Publishing Association

Hello Little Turtle #27
Hungry Little Ducks #28
Little Songs for Living with Jesus by Janet Sage


I Went to the Park

Nursery Rhyme Tune

Itsy Bitsy Spider
What Do You Hear! (sing to the tune: Frere Jacques)

The Bible is for Me!
The Bible is for me.

The Bible is for me.

I stand alone on the Word of God.

The Bible is for me!
Have children clap their hands as they sing “Me!”  Yea!
What Do You Hear?
What do you hear? (cup ear)
What do you hear?
Crickets and frogs
Crickets and frogs
Crickets and frogs chirping
Crickets and frogs chirping
Chirp, chirp, chirp!
Chirp, chirp, chirp! (whisper)

Rhyme or Song: The Itsy Bitsy Spider
The itsy bitsy (or eensy weensy) spider
Climbed up the waterspout
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider
Climbed up the spout again

I Went to the Park
I went to the park
and what did I see? (point to eyes)
A birdie in the tree
Looking at me!
(thumb and index finger tapping together)

I went to the park
and what did I see? (point to eyes)
A fish in the lake
splashing at me!
(hands gently clapping and swishing together)

I went to the park
and what did I see? (point to eyes)
a spider on the grass
(use fingers from one hand to crawl on other hand)
tickling me! (tickle children)

Supplies Needed

Place supplies in your ‘Play-Time’ basket. Spread out a small rug to define your ‘Play-Time’ area and give the children a place for sitting. When you sit on carpet with babies put the basket to your side out of reach of babies.

  • Black felt Bibles (pattern in the back)
  • Your own Bible
  • See-through scarves
  • Rubber frogs and plush crickets
  • Rubber turtles (bath time toys)
  • Rubber duckies
  • Rubber fish
  • Rubber spiders (Sunny Patch Bag of Bugs by Melissa & Doug)
  • Small plastic cutting board
  • Shallow bowl and water bottle half filled with water

Suggested Play-Time conversation

Sign ‘hello’ to each baby while smiling and looking into their eyes say: “Hello my little friend! It makes me happy to see you today!”  Get close enough so that they see the joy on your face.  Sing: Good Morning and tickle or snuggle each child.  Give each baby a little felt Bible. “The Bible tells us that Jesus loves us sooo much! Sing: I Open My Bible Carefully and The Bible is for Me!  As you put the Bibles in the basket or have the children put their bible in the basket, immediately hand out the scarves … gently wave them as you hand them to the children.  Sing: Jesus Loves Me!  Wave the scarf back into the basket and hand the little turtles to the children.  I can help take care of the little turtle … You can help take care of the little turtle too!  While children are exploring their little turtle set up the shallow bowl and pour in a little water.  Our little turtles need to take a bath.  Come let’s put the turtles in the water.  Sing: Hello Little Turtle.  Hand out fish and sing:  Fishy Fishy.  Swim your fish in the water.  Come swim your fish in the water … we can take care of our little fish in the water.  Turtles and fish are in the water now give the children the little ducks. Look the duckies want to swim too!  They want to find something to eat in the water.  Swim your duck in the water and sing:  Hungry Little Ducks.  Give the children/babies time to play and explore with the water and animals. Hand out rubber spiders and set the cutting board at an angle in the bowl and slide the spiders down the board. Give time for children to take turns sliding their spiders.   We can even take care of the spiders!  Jesus made so many different colors of spiders.   Sing or say rhyme: Isy Bitsy Spider. What do you hear … sounds like little crickets … can you hear the chirp chirp chirp?  Slowly and gently put the bowl up.  Rhyme: What Do You Hear?  Encourage children to repeat with you the “chirp chirp chirp.”  For the next rhyme you will need a bird, fish and spider. Gather the children around you to start your ending.  Rhyme with motions and plushes:  I Went to the Park.  When your Play-time is over sing: Play-time is Over while picking up the toys and waving Good-bye. Good bye little toys, Good bye soft carpet, Good bye my little friends!  Thank you Jesus for my little friends!

*Love Bug (Board Books with Plush Toys) Board book by Sandra Magsamen