Early Childhood Education

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God’s Gifts
This unit focuses on God’s love and care for each of us, demonstrated by the gifts or talents He has given us. He gives us
these gifts/talents so we can work for Him as well.
Learning Objectives

To help the young child understand that God loves each of us personally; Our gifts/talents come from God; We have gifts/talents to help others and We have gifts because God loves us


Church Life & Worship
Begins to develop an appreciation for the church, church family, and service
Begins to develop talents for serving God and others.


(Materials: Start by wrapping a box in front of the students to get their attention.) What am I doing? That’s right! I am wrapping a present. Do you like to get presents? Are there special times when you receive presents? Yes, you get presents for Christmas and also for your birthday. God has given you special gifts too. God loves you so much and He has given you lots and lots of gifts. What kind of gifts has God given you? (Spend time talking about the various gifts God has bestowed upon the children. At this point, their “gifts” will be very tangible in nature. That’s okay for this purpose of this discussion.) I know a good song we can sing which tells us about some other gifts we have from God – Look, Look, Look at the World (Little Voices Praise Him, #78). Act out the words – dancing, swaying, bouncing, swirling.

Bible Verses

  • I Peter 4:10
  • Romans 12:6-9



Practical Application

Have different presents that the children can shake and try to guess what is inside. Once the children shake and guess, open each box and lay out the toys for the children to see. Then, talk about each one. Do they look the same? Do they feel the same? Are they the same size/color/shape? God gives us different gifts. Name some gifts the children have – Tommy shares his toys, Susie helps the teacher, Bobby listens during story time, etc.

Spiritual Application

Read Barley Loaves and Fishes (My Bible Friends, Book Three). What would it be like to give a gift to Jesus like the boy in our story did? What do you think Jesus said to him? How do you think Jesus’ face looked? What can you do for Jesus? Let’s sing I Give Myself to Jesus (Little Voices Praise Him, # 192) to find out!


Gifting Project. Do you know of a family in the church, school or community that needs help? Collect items that the children can give. Place a large box by the door. The children can bring items from home or make gifts to give. If appropriate, invite the family or families to the classroom and let the children give them a party. Decorate, play games, have a piñata. Make it a very special event.