Early Childhood Education

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The Best Policy
This lesson focuses on the importance of telling the truth and how honesty makes our lives happier.
Learning Objectives

To help the young child understand that God wants us to tell the truth and we don’t have to hide when we tell the truth


Worship & Church Life
Begins to develop an appreciation for the church, church family, and service.
Begins to participate in worship to God through praying, singing, Bible story lessons, testimonials/sharing through conversations, witnessing, etc.
Begins to develop talents for serving God and others
Christian Living
Begins to recognize the joy in Christian living.
Begins to understand and demonstrate that obeying the Ten Commandments brings true happiness.


(Materials: Doll and a bed or pillow.) Sally’s tummy felt sick. All she wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. Maybe then she would feel better. “Mommy, can I go to bed? I don’t feel good.” Mommy looked worried. Sally never wanted to sleep in the middle of the day. “What is it, Sally? Let me feel your forehead.” Mommy’s cool hand touched Sally’s head. No fever; but Sally’s face did look like she wasn’t feeling well. “Okay, go lie down. I will check on you in a little while.” Sally climbed into bed and closed her eyes. But she couldn’t get comfortable. All at once she started to cry. Mommy came running. “Sally, what is wrong? Do you feel worse?” Tears rolled down Sally’s face. “Yes.” “Tell me what’s wrong,” Mommy said. “I don’t know!” Sally cried. Mommy sat on the bed next to Sally. “Did you tell me the truth this morning? You said Baby Jimmy ate three donuts holes and you had only one. Was that true?” Sally looked down at the blanket on her bed. Very quietly she confessed, “No, Mommy. I ate three donut holes. Jimmy only had one – the one you gave him.” “Well, how do you feel about lying to me, Sally?” “Terrible! My stomach hurts so much.” “I think part of it is from the donut holes. I gave you one and that was enough. The extra you took was too much for you. You have to trust me to give you what is best.” “I know, Mommy. I’m sorry. I will trust you from now on.” Mommy pulled Sally onto her lap and hugged her. They smiled at each other. “My tummy still hurts some, but I do feel better.”

Bible Verses

  • Luke 19:1-10
  • Proverbs 12:22
  • Colossians 3:9
  • Exodus 20:16


Practical Application

(Gather items such as rags for dusting, a broom for sweeping, dishes to set the table, etc.) We are going to pretend that a special guest is coming to our house. What should we do to get ready? (Allow children to clean the room.) We don’t have much time. Maybe we could just sweep the dirt under the rug or behind the bookcase. Would that be okay? Why not? What if we stuffed the toys in the closet? And do we really need clean dishes? Couldn’t we just put new food on top of the dirty spots? Is the house really clean if we do these things? No. Where does the dirt from the floor go? What should we do with the toys? Why do we need clean dishes for our food? We put the dirt in the trash and we put the toys in the toy box and we make sure the dishes are clean so we do not get sick. That makes the house truly clean. Then, we can invite our guests to come in.

Spiritual Application

Read Zacchaeus the Cheater (My Bible Friends, Book Five). After reading and talking about the story, have the children act out the story: Sing Zacchaeus (Little Voices Praise Him, #63) while the children follow Jesus and stop the song just in time for the person pretending to be “Jesus” to recite the words “Zacchaeus, you come down!” Then everyone sings the registered pharmacy technician exam canada final phrases: “For I’m going to your house today!”


Have the children share stories of when they told the truth or didn’t tell the truth. Talk about the consequences.