Early Childhood Education

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Joy & Happiness in Heaven
This lesson focuses on teaching the young child that Jesus is coming back to take all who love Him to a special place filled with joy and happiness. This special place is called Heaven.
Learning Objectives

To help the young child understand that because Jesus loves us He is coming back to take those who love Him to live with Him in Heaven where: There is no sadness Animals won’t be scared of us No one will get hurt Animals won’t hurt us Everyone is kind and happy We will be treated special


The Bible
Begins to understand that God speaks to people through the Bible
Return of Jesus
Begins to anticipate the soon coming of Jesus


Johnny and Tommy were riding their bikes. They were pretending that their bikes were cars. “Beep, beep,” said, Tommy, “Get out of my way. I am a police car and I am in a hurry.” Johnny did not get out of the way in time and Tommy bumped into his friend. Johnny fell off his bike. He skinned his knee and it started bleeding. It hurt so much and it made Johnny cry. Teacher hurried to help Johnny. She washed Johnny’s knee, she put a band aid on his knee. She hugged Johnny until he felt better. Teacher told Johnny about a special, happy place where we will never get hurt; where no one will ever feel sad. “It is a fun, safe place that Jesus is making for us,” teacher told Johnny. “Someday Jesus will come and take us to this special place called Heaven, and He will wipe away all our tears and we’ll never be sad or hurt again.”

Bible Verses

  • Isaiah 11:6-9
  • 1 Peter 5:4
  • Revelation 7:9-17
  • Isaiah 11:6-9
  • Revelation 2:7
  • Revelation 22:2, 14




Practical Application

Provide a large cardboard box for the children to represent their home in Heaven. In advance, cut out windows and a door. Draw or adhere curtains on the windows, fence and flowers to the outside, fireplace inside, and other home-like features. Cut out different shapes in various sizes using brightly colored construction paper, the brighter the better! Allow the children to glue the shapes onto the walls of the “home”, inside and out. Provide a few silk plants and flowers and stuffed animals for further beauty. Allow the children to “water” the pretend plants, rest in the “house”, prepare a meal in the “house”, “feed” the animals, etc. Every day, reiterate that Jesus is in Heaven preparing homes for each of us. With the children, wonder about what our homes will be like,

how they will look, who will live there, what animals will each have as pets, etc.

Spiritual Application

Bring a letter or card for the children to look at; link the letter to the story and then be sure to provide a felt or small Bible for each child to hold and look at while you explain that the Bible is God’s letter to each of us. Sing The B-I-B-L-E and then practice being gentle and respectful with the Bibles; something that should be practiced regularly.


The Bible tells us many things about Heaven. See how many the children can name (We will “receive a crown of glory”. God will give us new clothes, white robes of light. We’ll get to wave palm branches! We’ll be able to play with animals that are too dangerous for us right now. We’ll be able to eat the most wonderful food and swim, swim, swim! Best of all, we’ll be able to run and play and mommy and daddy won’t have to go to work anymore!) Just to name a few.