Early Childhood Education

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Joy & Happiness
This lesson focuses on teaching the young child that Jesus is coming back to take all who love Him to a special place filled with joy and happiness. This special place is called Heaven.
Learning Objectives

To help the young child understand that because Jesus loves us He is coming back to take those who love Him to live with Him in Heaven where: There is no sadness Animals won’t be scared of us No one will get hurt Animals won’t hurt us Everyone is kind and happy We will be treated special


The Bible
Begins to understand that God speaks to people through the Bible
Return of Jesus
Begins to anticipate the soon coming of Jesus


Billy was so excited! He was going to go on a trip with his family. They were going to ride in an airplane. Mommy said, “We have to get ready for our trip.” Billy asked, “Where are we going?” Mommy replied, “It is a surprise. Soon you will know. You will really like the place we are going. There will be a sandy beach where you can play. There will be yummy food for you to eat.” Daddy added, “There will be special things to do.” Then Daddy told Billy, “It is almost time to go to the airport.” Billy was so excited! Jesus has told us in the Bible that someday soon He is going to take us on a special trip with our family, like Billy. We can be so excited like Billy was, because we are going to a very fun and happy place called Heaven.

Bible Verses

  • I Peter 1:4
  • John 14:2 and 14:8
  • Revelation 2:7
  • Revelation 21:4
  • Revelation 22:2, 14



Practical Application

Bring brightly colored stones to class, either painted or tumbled. Be sure the stones are too large to be a choking hazard. Talk about the streets of gold in Heaven, the beautiful stones that will be the foundation of Heaven. Discuss how Jesus made every stone. In Heaven, the stones will not be rough or dirty; they’ll be very beautiful and polished and of all different colors. Emphasize the beauty of Heaven. Provide paints and a stone for each child to paint. Teach the children all the verses to the song: When He Cometh (Adventist Hymnal, #218).

Spiritual Application

I put my feet together, And kneel nicely in my spot, Fold my hands and bow my head, And close my eyes for God (Begin lesson with prayer)

Show the children a picture of Jesus and the children and/or read to the children that story of Jesus and the Children (My Bible Friends, Book 2). Talk about how wonderful it will be in Heaven when we can all see Jesus for real and He will wipe away our tears, place His hands on us and bless us, and let us sit upon His knee. Ask questions such as: Do you think Jesus will pick some yummy fruit for us to eat? Do you think He’ll play in the water with us? Do you think Jesus will help us catch animals with which to play? Emphasize the happiness and joy of Heaven.


Option 1: Act out the song, I’ll Meet You in Heaven (Little Voices Praise Him, #133), by having a large door made out of cardboard or plywood, behind which a child may stand. Have the children close their eyes while a child you choose goes behind the door. Open the door as you sing the song.