Early Childhood Education

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Playful and Fun Worship
Playful fun and worship! Some people may raise their eyebrows that those three words are put together in the same sentence … yes, playful fun and worshippping can be said in the same sentence because God said them together first! Well actually the word fun may not be in the Bible, but all its relatives are there. “REJOICE in the Lord always. . . . ” “May the righteous be GLAD. . . . “CELEBRATE a festival to the Lord. . . . ” “A CHEERFUL heart is good medicine. . . . ” “The fruit of the Spirit is . . . JOY. . . . “ We were created to be playful and have fun! The most effective way to stay connect to our kids and show them the ‘joy of the Lord’ is to be playful, have fun with them and ‘rejoice in the Lord always!’
Learning Objectives

Repetition helps make your baby feel safe and learning increases. Bringing out a special hand puppet and sing and tickle ‘Hello my little friend’ at the beginning of your activity each time signals to your infants that play-time is about to begin.



Good Morning #1
Prayer Song #18
I Open My Bible Carefully #28
Jesus Loves Me #102
If Your Happy and You Know It #200
Jesus Made the Sunshine #168
Sabbath School is Over #46 (word change at end of lesson)
Little Voices Praise Him Songbook Review and Herald Publishing Association

Tip Toe Tip Toe Little Feet #59
Sabbath Songs for Tiny Tots Songbook


Nursery Rhyme Tune

Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Bubbles Everywhere)

Skidamarinky Dink God Loves You!

Bubbles bubbles everywhere

Even on your nose! (giggle)
Bubbles bubbles everywhere
Tapping on your toes! (dance on your toes)

Skidamarinky Dink

Skidamarink a-dink, a-dink,

Skidamarink a-doo,

God loves you. (2x)
(point up, cross arms over chest and point to child)

He loves you in the morning,

And in the afternoon;

He love you in the evening,

And underneath the shining mooooon.

Oh, skidamarink a-dink, a-dink,

Skidamarink a-doo,

God love you!
(point up, cross arms over chest and point to child)

Supplies Needed

Place supplies in your ‘Play-Time’ basket. Spread out a small rug to define your ‘Play-Time’ area and give the children a place for sitting. When you sit on carpet with babies put the basket to your side out of reach of babies.

  • Black felt Bibles (pattern in the back)
  • Your own Bible
  • Colorful see-through scarves
  • Bubbles
  • Indestructible: Baby Faces
  • We Are The Children of the King by The Donut Man MP3
  • Baby Mozart music CD

Suggested Play-Time conversation

Say ‘hello’ to each baby while smiling and looking into their eyes say: “Hello my little friend! It makes me happy to see you today!”  Get close enough so that they see the joy on your face.  Sing: Good Morning and tickle or snuggle each child with puppet.  Give each baby a little felt Bible. “The Bible tells us that Jesus loves us sooo much! We are children of the King! Sing: I Open My Bible Carefully and The Bible is for Me! As you put the Bibles in the basket or have the children put their Bible in the basket, immediately hand out the scarves … gently wave or dance them as you hand them to the children.  Sing: Jesus Loves Me!  Give the children time to explore and play with their scarf before waving them back into the basket. Come my little friends, come (child’s name), come and stomp your feet with me and wave your arms! We are children of the King! Sing: If You’re Happy and You Know It.  Enjoy laughing, giggling and dancing with your children.  While they are busy open the bubbles and gently blow bubbles for the children to clap, jump and catch.   Let’s try to catch some bubbles!  Sing: Bubbles Everywhere. Discreetly put the bubbles away.  Laugh, giggle and gently tickle the children. Sing: Skidamarinky Dink God Loves You! (with hand motions).  Plop down on the floor in your sitting spot and get out the Baby Faces books.  That was soooo much fun!  I love playing with my friends!  Open one of the books. Look at all these faces!  They are so happy … Jesus loves them because they are children of the King!  Play We Are the Children of the King by The Donut Man MP3.  Jesus loves you because you are a child of the King! Allow time for children to settle down and enjoy the books.  Sing: Play-time is Over while picking up the toys and waving Good-bye. Good bye little toys, Good bye soft carpet, Good bye my little friends!  Thank you Jesus for my little friends!