Early Childhood Education

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In this lesson, the young children will learn that only in obedience can we be truly happy and that listening is very
Learning Objectives

To help the young child find joy in learning and practicing the skills of listening and follow-through.


The Bible
Begins to understand that God speaks to people through the Bible.
Begins to recognize that the Bible is the source of truth.
Begins to understand that the Bible contains God’s law that teaches right from wrong.
Begins to understand events of creation, the nature of man and his relationship to God.
Begins to understand that man was made in God’s image with the freedom to make choices.
Begins to understand the plan of salvation.
Begins to comprehend that bad and good things happen, there is good versus evil, there is a yes and a no.
Christian Living
Begins to recognize the joy in Christian living.
Begins to understand and demonstrate that obeying the Ten


Play the game “Simon Says” for several minutes, possibly giving each child the opportunity to be “Simon”. Ask: Did you have fun? Did you follow the instructions? You did very well listening and obeying. When your mommy asks you to do something, so you obey her? Did you know that God asks children to obey their parents, too?

Bible Verses

  • Exodus 20:12
  • Ephesians 6:1
  • Colossians 3:20



Practical Application

Story (used with permission): You will need a doll and masking tape.

Leroy was 5 years old and one of his favorite things to do was to jump on mommy and daddy’s bed. Do you think mommy and daddy told him “No more jumping on the bed”? Yes, indeed! Did Leroy listen? No, indeed! He loved to jump, jump, jump! Well, one day, he was jumping. Suddenly, his foot slipped on the edge of the bed. He lost his balance and CRASH! He fell onto a piece of hard furniture, hitting his head so hard! He screamed! He cried! Mommy came running. She picked him up. There was blood! There were tears! Both mommy and Leroy were so frightened! Mommy took Leroy to the bathroom and washed his head and that’s when she saw why he was bleeding. When Leroy had fallen, he had hit _______ (do you remember?). Yes, he hit his head and when he hit his head, the piece of furniture had cut his ear almost all the way off! OUCH! Grab your ears! OUCH! Well, Leroy lived way out in the country. The doctor’s office was far away. The hospital was far away. Leroy’s ear needed to be put back on! So, mommy took the ear and some tape and she taped his ear to his head. It took a long time, but Leroy’s ear did heal.

Do you think it hurt to fall off the bed?

Was Leroy being obedient or disobedient?

Do you think Leroy ever jumped on the bed again? No. He learned a hard lesson, but he learned how to obey.

Spiritual Application

Bring a leash, collar and a stuffed dog to class. Read the story Max Moves In (A Child’s Steps to Jesus, Vol. 1). In the Bible, God has said: “Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right” Ephesians 6:1. What a wonderful God we have! He wants us to be happy. So, He gave us mommies and daddies to help us learn the most important lesson we will ever need to learn: Obedience.


Teach the children to play the game “Mother, May I”. Practice listening and obeying through the game.