Early Childhood Education

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Queen Esther’s Courage
This unit focuses on growing in Jesus through perseverance. From a young age, Esther was taught to trust God. She knew He loved her, watched over her and she could come to Him in prayer anytime, especially when in danger.
Learning Objectives

To help the young child understand that God knows and controls everything, so we can: Bravely do what he asks us to do Pray, believing he will take care of us


Begins to comprehend that bad and good things happen, there is good versus evil, there is a yes and a no.
Worship & Church Life
Begins to develop an appreciation for the church, church family, and service.


It was time for Billy to go to bed. His teeth were brushed and his pajamas were on, but outside a storm had begun to blow. Thunder crashed. Lightning lit up the sky. He snuggled close to Daddy on the couch. “Can I stay up with you?” Billy asked in a small voice. Daddy looked down at Billy. “You are safe in our house. You will be warm in your bed. I think you can be brave. Let’s go tuck you in like a snug bug in a rug.” Daddy caught Billy up in his arms and trotted toward the bedroom. “I’m scared.” Billy whispered into Daddy’s ear. Turning toward the kitchen, Daddy placed Billy on the floor and opened the cupboard. He pulled out some pots – big ones and little ones. “We are going to make some noise. Do you think you can be noisier than the thunder?” Billy’s eyes opened wide. “Thunder is really loud.” Daddy smiled. “I know. Here’s a spoon and the biggest pan we have. Go ahead, make a big noise!” Mommy came rushing into the kitchen and found Billy and Daddy laughing and banging on the pots and pans. “You two are louder than the storm outside! I was scared who might be in the house, but I bravely came down to find out what was going on.” Billy raced over to hug Mommy. “Don’t be afraid. It’s just me and Daddy scaring the storm.” Let’s sing a song about how Jesus is with us wherever we are, Anywhere with Jesus (Sing for Joy, #45, verse #3).

Bible Verses

  • Deuteronomy 31:6
  • Acts 17:11
  • Psalm 56:3


Practical Application

(Materials: Flashlight, dog puppet or hand shadow) Do you know what bravery means? Does it mean we are not scared? No, bravery means we do what is right even though we might be scared. Sometimes we are scared of things that are not real. (Make a shadow of a dog on the wall.) What does this shadow look like? Yes, a dog. Is it a real dog? Can you pet this dog? Could it bite you? No. It is only a shadow. (Let the children come up to “pet” the dog. Reinforce how the shadow disappears when the light is interrupted. Let them make shadows of their own.)

Spiritual Application

Read and discuss Esther, the Brave Queen (My Bible Friends, Book Four). Even though Esther was scared to face the king and Haman, she prayed and trusted God. Did God take care of Esther and all her people? Will God take care of you and me? Let’s sing Yes, Jesus Cares for Me (Little Voices Praise Him, #118).


Seat the children at a table. Give them wooden blocks and ask them to work together to build a tower. As they build, “accidently” bump the table so the construction falls. Encourage them to start over. Building together is bound to cause the tower to fall at some point. The students will become discouraged, but ask them to keep at it until the tower is built. Cheer them on as they build. Just like Queen Esther persevered, you can too! Sing Story Review Song (Sabbath Songs for Tiny Tots, #65) with the following words and motions: Brave – hands in a loose claw like movement, starting at your shoulders which move outward and clasp to make a fist Queen – make a circle above the head like a crown Esther – place hands on both sides of your cheeks In your palace gold – make a house above your head with hands pointed and touching God – finger pointed to heaven Watching – circle hands around the eyes, like binoculars you are looking through Do not be afraid – shake your head no and wag your finger