Early Childhood Education

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Knowing God
This lesson intentionally introduces the young child to God the Father, as a specific person separate from His Son, Jesus.
Learning Objectives

To help the young child understand that God the Father is a loving, heavenly Father and He loves them and provides angels to take care of them and help them.


Begins to develop beliefs about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Begins to communicate through prayer.
Begins to experience God’s unconditional love.
Begins to exercise faith.
The Bible
Begins to understand that God speaks to people through the Bible.
Begins to recognize that the Bible is the source of truth.
The Return of Jesus
Begins to anticipate the soon coming of Jesus.
Begins to look forward to living in Heaven.


(Materials: Pictures of the family members represented by the children in your class.) Ask questions about the individuals represented in the pictures, such as: Who is this? This is a Mommy. Whose mommy is this? Mommies are very special; Mommy takes care of us. They love us very much. Who is this? This is a Daddy. Whose daddy is this? Daddies love their children, too. Daddy may go to work each day, but when he comes home he likes to play with his children. Who is this? This is a Grandma and Grandpa; who do they belong to? They love to give hugs and kisses, don’t they? Did you know, there is Someone else in your family, too? He’s related to EVERYONE! He is Someone we cannot see, but He can see us. His name is God the Father. We have never seen God the Father, but we know that He sees us. Many people have seen His Son, Jesus, and we have lots of stories about Jesus, God’s Son. Some people have heard God the Father’s voice; but hearing His voice is something we have to learn how to do. Would you like to learn more about God the Father?

Bible Verses

  • Genesis 28:15
  • John 4:12-17
  • Hebrews 11:1


Practical Application

hide an object under a blanket. Have the children find it and guess what it is without seeing

the object. Let the children see the object and then cover it again. Ask “Is the ___ still here, even though you can’t see it? . As them how they know it’s still there and then let them uncover it again to see that it’s still there.

Fingerplay: God loves the little children (cross chest with arms), The children everywhere, (sweeping hand gesture away from self), God knows the names of every one (point up, then point to others), And gives to them His care. (use hands/arms as if to rock a baby) (from the song: God Loves the Little Children, Sabbath Song for Tiny Tots, #25)

Spiritual Application

Read God’s Love (A Child’s Steps to Jesus, Vol. 1). Help the children think ahead to the time when they will

be in Heaven, playing with Jesus, each other and all the wonderful animals! Be sure to point out again that Jesus is the

Son of the God of Heaven. End by singing God Cares for Me, (LVPH, #86), God Cares for Me, (LVPH,, #87), God Sees Me, (LVPH, #89).


Sing God is So Good (LVPH, #88) and review the other songs in this lesson.

Fingerplay: God is love, oh God is love.(point finger up, cross chest with arms and hug self), God is love, I know. (point finger up, cross chest with arms and hug self), God is love, oh God is love.(point finger up, cross chest with arms and hug self) The Bible tells me so. (make book open/shut with hands) (from the song: God Is Love, Oh God is Love, Sabbath Song for Tiny Tots, #69)