Early Childhood Education

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Jesus Made Light
This lesson focuses on the first two days of creation as told in the Bible. The lesson teaches about trusting in something that you can’t see or touch. The emphasis is also that God the Son created everything because He loves us and He has asked us to care for His creations.
Learning Objectives

To help the young children understand that our God made light for us; and that we can trust in a God that we can’t see or touch just like we can believe that the light (which we can’t touch) is real.


Begins to develop beliefs about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Begins to exercise faith.
The Bible
Begins to understand that God speaks to people through the Bible.
Begins to recognize that the Bible is the source of truth.
Begins to understand events of creation, the nature of man and his relationship with God.
Begins to develop an appreciation of creation and an interest in studying nature.


Bible Verses

  • Genesis 1:3
  • Isaiah 60:19
  • Matthew 6:22
  • John 8:12

Introduction to the Day

Begin to sing “Shall We Go For a Walk Today” (Little Voices Praise Him, #82), and take a walk outside. Have the children practice making big eyes (wide-open eyes), small eyes (squinting). Teach the children to notice whenever they are in the sunshine’s light (small eyes), or in the shade/darkness (big eyes); emphasize light and shade/darkness. Talk about the brightness of the sun. Talk about how we can take care of our eyes by using sunglasses, hats, using warm washcloths each day to clean our face and eyes, eating healthy foods, etc. Ask them to reach out and touch the light. Discuss whether you can touch the light or not. Discuss how even though they can’t touch the light, they can feel it and they know it’s there. Make the connection that although we can’t see or touch God we know He is there. Discuss the many ways we know He’s there. Express gratefulness for the light and air that God has given to us.


Practical Application

Provide each child with a flashlight. Prepare a scavenger hunt for them to enjoy by simply choosing a few items within the classroom. Turn the room lights out and flashlights on. After several rounds of the game ask the children to find the globe, then the picture of Jesus. Conclude by singing “The First Day”, (Happy Songs for Boys and Girls, 119).

Spiritual Application

Tell the children that the lights are going to be turned out and the room is going to be dark. Provide every child with a flashlight but tell them to keep them off until you say, “Let there be light”! Have some type of way to make water and wave sounds – either a bowl of water that another teacher disturbs or a sound bite from a wave machine/phone application. Have a flashlight and globe ready. Quote, retell or read Genesis 1:1-5. Be mindful to ensure the children learn that it was Jesus, the Son of God the Father that created our world. Pause in the reading so the children can hear “the face of the waters”. Listen closely to the water; there are no birds, no fish, no boats, no beaches; just water. Listen to the “face of the deep” waters. Continue the reading using the flashlight to shine down on the globe and then shout, “Let there be light” and have the children turn on their flashlights! Differentiate between the light and the darkness. End by repeating the memory verse several times.


Have the children conduct an experiment. Place on plant in a sunny area and one in darkness. After two days, observe the plants. Discuss the important of light. Read the bible verse John 8:12. Then discuss our need for Jesus. Discuss the ways that Jesus is the light of our lives.