Early Childhood Education

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Sun, Moon and Stars
This lesson teaches about trusting in God because of His mighty works-the creation of the sun, moon and stars. The emphasis is also that God the Son created everything because He loves us and He has asked us to care for His creations.
Learning Objectives

To help the young children understand that our God made the sun, moon and stars for us; and that we can trust in a God because He is powerful and mighty.


Begins to develop beliefs about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Begins to exercise faith.
The Bible
Begins to understand that God speaks to people through the Bible.
Begins to recognize that the Bible is the source of truth.
Begins to understand events of creation, the nature of man and his relationship with God.
Begins to develop an appreciation of creation and an interest in studying nature.


Bible Verses

  • Genesis 1:14-19
  • II Samuel 23:4
  • Psalm 89:37
  • Psalm 147:4

Introduction to the Day

(Materials: Glow in the dark moon and stars adhered or hanging from the ceiling or high up in one corner. Several

strings of white lights hung from the ceiling can also produce a lovely evening atmosphere.) Tell the children that we’re

going to pretend it is night time by shutting down the lights. Ask the children to look at the ceiling: What do you see?

These are pretend stars! It looks like night time, doesn’t it? There is the moon, there are the stars! Do you know who

made the moon and stars that we see in the sky at night? The God of Heaven did! He made them because He loves us!

He made them so we can have a light in the dark. And what did He make to give us light in the daytime? He gave us the

sun! It is very bright, isn’t it? We can play in the sunlight because Jesus gave us the sun. What a wonderful God to make

the sun, moon and stars, to give us light both during the day and at night. Sing God Made the Sun and Moon and Stars

(Little Voices Praise Him, #165), And God Said (Little Voices Praise Him, #66) and Wonder Song (Oh, Who Can?) (Little Voices Praise Him, #74).


Practical Application

Begin singing and acting out the song The Trees Are Gently Swaying (Little Voices Praise Him, #115) using the verses about clouds floating, sun shining and adding in “stars are quietly twinkling” and “moon is softly glowing”.

After this song, ask “I wonder” questions about the moon and stars? During the daytime, I wonder where does the moon and stars go? If time allows, take the children on a walk to search for the moon and stars. Obviously, during the day these will not be visible. The moon and stars only shine at night; God made them to be night lights. If the moon and stars are hanging in the classroom, teach the children the ASL signs for sun, stars and moon.

Spiritual Application

Tell the story of Creation with felts (or stickers) starting with blank board/paper and adding things God made.

Or, tell the story of Creation, giving each child one or two objects God created and call on them at the appropriate time

and ask them what object they have and what of the week was it created by God. Be mindful to ensure the children learn

that it was Jesus, the Son of God the Father that created the sun moon and stars. For this activity, tell or read the story of

creation but stopping after the fourth day, when God made the sun, moon and stars.


(Materials: Blue Jello, tonic water, black light, star shaped cookie cutter) Review the story of the fourth day of

creation, how God made the sun to rule the day, the moon to rule night, and the stars. The sun and moon give us light;

the stars provide a map for us to help us know where we’re going. With the help of the children, mix up the Jello using

half water and half tonic water. Once it’s gelled, use a black light in the darkened room to show the children how the

stars glow in the dark. And, of course, eat them for snack in the glow of the black light!