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Sample CREATIONkids Lesson

CREATIONkids is a one-of-a kind web-based, electronic curriculum. Everything you need for planning instructional activities is just a click away. The organization and layout makes the curriculum easy to understand; the platform makes the curriculum easy to navigate; and the search feature makes it easy to find what you need when you need it. Embedded music, video links, e-picture cards, links to external websites etc. means that needed materials are readily and easily accessible. Additionally, the digital format will allow you to obtain updates within minutes of being posted as well as to connect, collaborate, and keep current as well as to network with other early childhood professionals around the world.

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Assessment and Young Children

CREATIONkids, in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, provides the option for teachers to assess the progress and development of the children within their program. Riverside Early Assessments of Learning™ (REAL™) application is an online suite of assessments that assess a child’s progress towards developmental and key academic milestones important for school readiness. CREATIONkids is aligned to the North American Division Early Childhood Developmental Standards as well as state and national standards and indicators as evidenced in the REAL.

The REAL assessment tool is embedded within CREATIONkids for ease of access and use. Teachers can use REAL to quickly and efficiently manage authentic assessments, collect observations and documentation of learning, and generate reports that facilitate teaching and learning.

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Literature Companion

Research has shown that children who have a solid foundation in early literacy and reading skills experience greater success in learning to read and write once they enter formal schooling (National Reading Council, 2012). CREATIONkids is a literacy rich curriculum. In addition to teacher facilitated instruction in the areas of language development and pre-writing, the curriculum also provides over 50 Book Discussions to accompany the recommended books.

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If you have questions about book orders via Mackin, please email them at katie.macmillan@mackin.com or call 800.245.9540.

Meeting the Needs of Children with Developmental Delays

Every child has their own unique developmental needs, however, some children's needs are greater than others. Some delays are immediately apparent and others will take years to surface. Early childhood interventions are meant to help identify and address delays so that each young child can reach his or her fullest potential. The very design of the CREATIONkids Curriculum supports inclusive practices.

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HELP! I'm A Parent

HELP! I'm A Parent: The purpose of this resource, Help, I'm a Parent! Christian Parenting in the Real World, is to inspire and encourage you, as parents, on your journey to be the disciple-makers of your children. You will be motivated to take up the exciting challenge and blessings of parenthood. Contact your Union ECE Associate for details regarding a discount.

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Sample CREATIONkids Lesson

Sample program curriculum.

Assessment and Young Children

Overview of the Riverside Early Assessment of Learning program, a comprehensive authentic early childhood assessment suite.

Literature Companion

CREATIONkids recommended book list.

Meeting Needs

The REACH initiative provides teachers with resources, training, and ongoing support.

Help! I'm a Parent

Resources for Christian parenting.