Early Childhood Education

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Seed Sowers: College View Academy Preschool

Early Childhood Education and Care is a MINISTRY! We not only introduce God’s precious little lambs to Christ, but we also minister to their families as well as the local communities in which we serve.

College View Academy Preschool, NE


 We had a little girl last year who did not come from an Adventist home but rather Buddhist.  When she went home she would sing songs about Jesus to her mom and little sister.  She would also take her little sister into their bedroom to pray, something that was not done in front of her parents (something she didn’t feel her parents would accept).  We planted a seed in this young girls heart for the love of Jesus and as well as a desire to go to heaven.  We pray for her often that she will not forget about the loving God we introduced her to.

This entry was posted on 16 March, 2013