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Seed Sowers: Bit O’Heaven Preschool

Bit O’Heaven Preschool (Norwalk, CA)

Bit-O'Heaven-PreschoolBit O’Heaven Preschool has a teacher who came into the church as a result of her grandson attending the preschool.

Bit O’Heaven Preschool (Eagle, Idaho)

  • We give every family a book “What We Believe” by Jerry Thomas when they enroll at our preschool.

  • We have one student that started out in our preschool that is now in 2nd grade.  The family and other children are part of the Pathfinder/Adventurer clubs and they also come along to church Mid-week Bible Study as well as to church outings and socials.  Occasionally they come to our church services.

  • All families come to church each year at Christmas-time for the school program which is the church service. The preschool is involved in the school program.  It is followed by a fellowship dinner.

This entry was posted on 2 March, 2015