Early Childhood Education

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Seed Sowers: Spring Valley Academy Preschool

Spring Valley Academy Preschool, OH

Our classroom has taken on a special project each Christmas. We did “Toys for Tots” one year and adopted a family for Christmas and Thanksgiving for another. For our adopted family we collected food for Thanksgiving and for Christmas we collected gift cards and made a pampering basket for the mom. Another way we have been able to share God’s message of Hope, is with a family of divided faith. The mother is SDA but the father is not. He doesn’t want his son in our class, let alone at our school. But he is here, because of prayer and faith. When the mother shared her situation with the teachers, she explained that she has begun babysitting for other families to pay for her son to attend out of her own money. We told her we’d be praying for her family and not to give up hope in God. About 3 weeks later she let us know that her son would be attending our school through Kindergarten!

This entry was posted on 2 March, 2015