Early Childhood Education

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Is it possible to communicate the gospel on a toddlers level? Can toddlers even understand the gospel? These are questions that have been pondered and studied by many children’s experts. According to surveys over 50 percent of Christians chose to follow Christ between the ages of 5 and 9. The years before the ‘5-9 window’ are vitally important to the spiritual path of our children. One of the ways of teaching the Gospel to toddlers is to teach the joy of giving.
Learning Objectives

Sign “Fun”. Make your fingers form the “hang loose” surfing sign. Move them up and down in front of you. Don’t forget to smile with your lips and eyes! Repetition helps make your baby feel safe and learning increases. Signing and say ‘it’s time for some fun’ at the beginning of your activity signals to your infants that play-time is about to begin.



Good Morning #1
Prayer Song #18
I Open My Bible Carefully #28
Jesus Loves Me #102
Sharing #278
Sharing Song #279
Giving #285
Sabbath School is Over #46 (word change at end of lesson)
Little Voices Praise Him Songbook Review and Herald Publishing Association


Nursery Rhyme Tune

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (I can Share)

I can share with you
I can share with you
I have two block and I can share with you.

When I share with you
I smile and giggle too
Jesus loves to see me share
and give a smile to you.

Rhyme:  Patty Cake Patty Cake, This is For You!

Patty Cake Patty Cake
(clap hands together)
This is for you!
(Tickle under child’s chin and giggle)
Patty Cake Patty Cake
(clap hands together)
A smile, a laugh and chin giggle too!
(tickle under child’s chin and giggle)

Play-time is Over
Our happy play-time is over; and we are cleaning up!
Good-bye, good-bye
put all the toys away
Good-by, good-bye
Be always kind and true

(Wave good-by to the toys “bye-bye toys, bye-bye soft carpet…)

Supplies Needed

Place supplies in your ‘Play-Time’ basket. Spread out a small rug to define your ‘Play-Time’ area and give the children a place for sitting. When you sit on the carpet with your children put the basket to your side out of reach of babies.

  • Black felt Bibles (pattern in the back)
  • Your own Bible
  • Colorful see-through scarves
  • Soft toys (blocks, stuffed animals, balls, dolls)

Suggested Play-Time conversation

Say ‘hello’ to each baby while smiling and looking into their eyes say: “Hello my little friend! It makes me happy to see you today!”  Get close enough so that they see the joy on your face.  Sing: Good Morning and tickle or snuggle each child with puppet.  Give each baby a little felt Bible. “The Bible tells us that Jesus loves us sooo much! Sing: I Open My Bible Carefully and The Bible is for Me! As you put th!e Bibles in the basket or have the children put their Bible in the basket, immediately hand out the scarves … gently wave them as you hand them to the children.  Sing: Jesus Loves Me!  Wave the scarf back into the basket and hand out a little softie animal or My First Doll.  Say: I wonder who I can share my toys with.  I can share with (child’s name).  Give the child two toys of the same.  Can (child’s name) share a toy with (child’s name)?  Play the Giving Game with whoever is interested.  Who chooses to be a giver?  Hurray, it’s (child’s name).  Sharing makes me so happy and sharing makes you happy too!  Hurray!  Sing: I Can Share while playing the Giving Game.  Bring out more toys Sing: Sharing. Give children time to explore and play with the toys.  Bring out two balls and sing:  Sharing Song.  Sing song until all the children has a ball to play with.  Sing: Play-time is Over while picking up the toys and waving Good-bye. Good bye little toys, Good bye soft carpet, Good bye my little friends!  Thank you Jesus for my little friends!  When all the toys are put away play Patty Cake Patty Cake.  My friends make me so happy!  You are special to Jesus and you make Him happy too!