Early Childhood Education

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Make ahead: Sensory mess free finger paint pouch. Fill with blue finger paint and soft rubber fish (no sharp edges). The directions are in the Resource section at the end of book.
Learning Objectives

Repetition helps make your baby feel safe and learning increases. Signing and say ‘Hello’ at the beginning of your activity each time signals to your infants that play-time is about to begin.



You are an important influence on the babies in your care. They will learn by the example you set for them.  Even babies can learn about responsibility!  You can give the babies in your care the tools they will need so that as preschoolers they will naturally act and be responsible.  Once your babies are sitting in high-chairs eating soft and solid food, give them opportunity to feed themselves.  As they work to pick up the ‘cheerio’ or piece of banana they will learn to be responsible for feeding themselves.  Also if you respond to their cries or cue, you will be teaching, by your example, that it is important and our responsibility to help our friends and family.

Repetition helps make your baby feel safe and learning increases.  Signing and say ‘Hello’ at the beginning of your activity each time signals to your infants that play-time is about to begin.


Good Morning #1

I Open My Bible Carefully #28

If You’re Happy and You Know It #200

I Will Be Kind #284

Fishy Fishy #161

Animals Animals #67

Sabbath School is Over #46 (word change at end of lesson)

Little Voices Praise Him Songbook Review and Herald Publishing Association


Nursery Rhyme Tune

The Bible is for Me! (sing to the tune: The Farmer in the Del)
Praise to Jesus (sing to the tune: Frère Jacques)

Supplies Needed

Place supplies in your ‘Play-Time’ basket. Spread out a small rug to define your ‘Play-Time’ area and give the children a place for sitting. When you sit on carpet with babies put the basket to your side out of reach of babies.

  • Black felt Bibles (pattern in the back)
  • Your own Bible
  • Soft balls
  • Soft and Safe Jumbo Animal Stacker: www.lakeshorelearning.com
  • Variety of stuffed animals or Super Soft Plush Animals (www.cptoy.com)
  • Tape Sensory Mess Free Finger Paint pouch to a cookie sheet or to the tray of each high-chair.
  • Brawny Tough Jingle Wraps (www.discountschoolsupply.com) or Hohner Kids Animal Jingle Bell (www.amazon.com)

Suggested Play-Time conversation 

Sign ‘hello’ to each baby while smiling and looking into their eyes say: “Hello my little friend! It makes me happy to see you today!”  Get close enough so that they see the joy on your face.  Sing: Good Morning and tickle or snuggle each child.  Give each baby a little felt Bible. “The Bible tells us that Jesus loves us sooo much! Sing: I Open My Bible Carefully and The Bible is for Me!  The Bible says we have beautiful feet.  I wonder what we can do with our feet.  Can your feet kick?  Help babies kick their feet by moving their little legs back and forth…tickle their little toes. For walking babies show them how to kick the ball. For crawlers roll the ball to them.  As you are playing repeat the rhymn: I Can Kick the Ball.  Our feet can be helper feet!  Encourage children to help put away balls and start clapping your hands … encourage your kids to copy what you are doing.  Sing: If You’re Happy (motions: “If you’re happy and you know it then your feet will surely show it” – wiggle feet)  We can be helpers by taking care of the animals.  Give each child an animals to pet, snuggle and explore.  Sing: I will be Kind (kitties, doggies, birdies, wee lambs.  We can feed our little animals, give them clean water to drink, take them for a walk and give them lots of love!  I love the animals Jesus made for me to take care of…. Do you love all the animals too!  Set up the Sensory Mess Free Finger Paint pouch(es).  Show the children how to make designs in the paint.  Encourage the children to explore.  When taking up the Sensory pouches immediately put a Jingle Wrap in their hand.  Sing: Praise to Jesus. When your time is over sing: Play-time is Over while picking up the toys and waving Good-bye. Good bye little toys, Good bye soft carpet, Good bye my little friends!  Thank you Jesus for my little friends!

The Bible is for Me!

The Bible is for me.

The Bible is for me.

I stand alone on the Word of God.

The Bible is for me!
Have children clap their hands as they sing “Me!”  Yea!


Can Kick the Ball

I can kick the ball!
I can kick my feet!
Quick! Quick! Can you catch me?