Early Childhood Education

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The children in your care are learning about trust from you, you are the one that comes when they cry, that changes their diaper, the one that feeds them. You are the one that provides warm consistent care and a safe environment… You are the one that helps them cope with the stress of separation from their parent or caregiver.
Learning Objectives

Repetition helps make your baby feel safe and learning increases. Signing and say ‘Hello’ at the beginning of your activity each time signals to your infants that play-time is about to begin.



Good Morning #1
I Open My Bible Carefully #28
Jesus Loves Me #102
All Our Needs #85 (sing both verses. Modified Mary Had a Little Lamb tune)
Sharing #278
Sabbath School is Over #46 (word change at end of lesson)
Little Voices Praise Him Songbook Review and Herald Publishing Association

Jesus Takes Care of Me #33
Little Sabbath Songs for Cradle Roll by Janet Sage


Nursery Rhyme Tune

What Can Baby Do? (sing to the tune: Row Row Row Your Boat)
The Bible is for Me! (sing to the tune: The Farmer in the Del)

Peek-a-boo! God loves you!
God Gives Us What We Need!

Supplies Needed

  • Place supplies in your ‘Play-Time’ basket. Spread out a small rug to define your ‘Play-Time’ area and give the children a place for sitting. When you sit on carpet with babies put the basket to your side out of reach of babies.
  • Black felt Bibles (pattern in the back)
  • Your own Bible
  • See-through scarves
  • Simple shower curtain rings or Texture Links (www.environments.com) enough for three or four per child
  • Shallow bowl or cookie sheet with sides
  • Simple plastic life-size produce or stuffie fruits and vegetables
  • Multicultural Velour Soft Babies (www.discountschoolsupply.com) or Tender Touch Soft Dolls (www.environments.com)

Suggested Play-Time conversation

Sign ‘hello’ to each baby while smiling and looking into their eyes say: “Hello my little friend! It makes me happy to see you today!” Get close enough so that they see the joy on your face. Sing: Good Morning and tickle or snuggle each child. Give each baby a little felt Bible. “The Bible tells us that Jesus loves us sooo much! Sing: I Open My Bible Carefully and The Bible is for Me! Help babies clap their hands together Sing: Jesus Loves Me! Jesus love you so much that He wants to take good care of you. He likes to see your smiles …. He likes to hear your giggles! Bring out just one scarf and play Rhyme peek-a-boo with each child. Laugh and smile with each child. Then hand a scarf for each child to wave and Sing: What Can Baby Do? Give time for joyful play. As you gather scarfs immediately put a shower curtain in babies hand. Bring out cookie sheet and put in center of Play-Time area. Show babies how to drop the shower curtain onto the cookie sheet. Oh! Listen to the funny sound! Plunk goes my ring! I wonder… can your ring go plunk? Give shower curtain ring to babies, who are not crawling, to explore. Rhyme: God Gives Us What We Need! Repeat several times. Show how to toss the rings. As you put the rings away give each child a Soft Baby. Jesus takes such good care of us. He loves us so much! He knows exactly what we need. Sing: All Our Needs. Allow time for children to explore the doll. While children are holding their doll give them a piece of plastic food and show them how to feed their doll. We can share our food with our friends. “(child’s name) can you give (child’s name) a banana?” Play this game until all children and babies have had a turn. While children are playing with plastic food and dolls Sing: Sharing. When your Play-time is over sing: Play-time is Over while picking up the toys and waving Good-bye. Good bye little toys, Good bye soft carpet, Good bye my little friends! Thank you Jesus for my little friends!

The Bible is for Me!
The Bible is for me.

The Bible is for me.

I stand alone on the Word of God.

The Bible is for me!
Have children clap their hands as they sing “Me!” Yea!

What Can Baby Do?
What can baby do?
When he’s/she’s in Day Care?
Patty cake and patty cake
and play a peek-a-boo!

Rhyme: Peek-a-boo!
Where are you?
There you are!


God loves you!

Rhyme: God Gives Us What We Need!
Plunk! Plunk! Listen to the happy sound!
Plunk! Plunk! There goes another round!
Plunk! Plunk! The bowl is full!
God is sooo good!
God gives us what we need!

Play-time is Over
Our happy play-time is over; and we are cleaning up!
Good-bye, good-bye
put all the toys away
Good-by, good-bye
Be always kind and true
Wave good-by to the toys “bye-bye toys, bye-bye soft carpet…)