Early Childhood Education

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We are admonished to teach the words of Holy Script "diligently unto thy children," and to "train up a child in the way he should go" (Matthew 6:33, Deuteronomy 6:7, and Proverbs 22:6, KJV).


North American Division Unions
National Resources
Resources for Parents
Instructional Resources
ECE Supplies and Materials
Working with Children with Disabilities
Program Start-up Resources
Human Resources
Incorporation Considerations
Conference Supported ECE

North American Division Unions

Atlantic Union (Marlene Alvarez, ECE Associate Director)
SDA Church in Canada (Shad Lehmann, ECE Associate Director)
Columbia Union (Alison Jobson, ECE Associate Director)
Lake Union (Sue Tidwell, ECE Associate Director)
Mid-America Union (LouAnn Howard, ECE Associate Director)
North Pacific Union (Golda Pflugrad, ECE Associate Director)
Pacific Union (Julie Yamada, ECE Associate Director)
Southern Union (Tamara Libonati, ECE Associate Director)
Southwestern Union (Ellen Thomas, ECE Associate Director)


National Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics
National Association for the Education of Young Children
National Association for Child Care Professionals
National Institute for Early Education Research
State Licensing Regulations
US Department of Health and Human Services: Administration for Children and Families
Zero to Three


Resources for Parents

Adventist Family Ministry
Adventist Parenting Magazine
Totally Tots


Instructional Resources

Creation Health
Early Childhood News
Education World
Journal of Adventist Education
General Conference of SDA Children’s Ministry
Teacher Bulletin
ECE Resources


ECE Supplies and Materials

Discount School Supply
Early Childhood Manufacturers Direct
Kaplan Early Learning Company
S&S Worldwide


Working with Children with Disabilities

Council of Exceptional Children, Division of Early Childhood
Connect Learning Modules


Program Start-up Resources


Thank you for your interest in starting an Early Childhood Education (ECE) program!  As you embark on this journey, it is imperative that you remember the education and care of young children and their families is a MINISTRY first and foremost. This important ministry will require much groundwork and prayerful consideration and planning required during the process at times can seem daunting. However, the ministry of early childhood education and care can be very rewarding, can make a significant impact on the lives of young children,  their families as well as the communities in which you serve, and can provide ample opportunities to witness and serve.

A quality childcare program begins children on their spiritual “Journey to Excellence,” and if this is your desire, we urge you to:

  • Pray for God’s Leading
  • Read the attached Facts You Should Know…
  • Work collaboratively with key stakeholders to complete the attached Feasibility Tool
  • Contact your Union and/or Conference Early Childhood Representative (see contact information above) in order to obtain an ECE Start-up Kit and to more formally begin the process
  • Pray for God’s Leading

Preparing for this ministry will take time, effort and commitment.  Prayerfully consider your mission, goals, and objectives to the children and families of your church, school and community and we pray on your behalf that this ministry will serve to benefit your church and/or local school, young children and families as well as your local community.

May God richly bless you as you explore the ministry of early childhood education and care.



Davenia Lea, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Early Childhood Education
Office of Education
North American Division of SDA
12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904
(office) 301-680-6443    (cell) 202-215-0031
(fax) 301-680-6463         (web) https://ece.adventisteducation.org


Human Resources

These forms/documents/templates have been developed by the members of the Locally Funded Study Group of the North American Division. These documents have been legally vetted and adopted by the Office of Human Resources of the North American Division. The files shared here are as PDFs. Seventh-day Adventist Church employers can gain access to the Word Documents by contacting the Office of NAD Human Resources.

ECE Employee Handbook Index of Contents and Document Origination [PDF]
Permitted and Prohibited Applicant Questions [PDF]
Statements to Avoid During the Employment Selection Process [PDF]
Employment Process Worksheet [PDF]
FAQ Hiring Local Staff [PDF]
Employee Categories and Position Summaries [PDF]
NAD ECE Sample Employment Application [PDF]
Sample Declaration of SDA Membership Adherence [PDF]
Health Screening Early Childhood Education Report [PDF]
Photos Release [PDF]
Confidentiality Statement [PDF]
Facilities Staff Work Schedule [PDF]
NAD ECE Volunteer and Academic Intern Clearance [PDF]
Determining Wages [PDF]
Job Description Early Childhood Educator [PDF]
Job Description Program Director [PDF]
NAD ECE Employment Information Verification [PDF]
Request for Locally Funded Position [PDF]
Instructions for Completing Locally Funded Position Form [PDF]
Mandatory Adoption of Procedure for Hiring of Locally Funded Employees [PDF]
Applicant Screening and Hiring Guidelines [PDF]
Americans with Disabilities Act considerations in the Hiring Process [PDF]
Record Retention Requirements for Interview Notes and Hiring Documents [PDF]
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Disclaimer Statement for Employees [PDF]
Employment Records Retention Requirements Under Federal Law and Best Practices [PDF]


Incorporation Considerations

Memorandum—Denominational Status [Word]
Denominational Status Application [Word]
Feasibility Assessment Tool [Word]
Developing a Strategic Plan [Word]
Classroom Cost Analysis and Break-even Tool  [Excel]
Cost/Benefit of Hiring an Employee Tool  [Excel]
Non-Profit Center Annual BudgetTemplate   [Excel]


Conference Supported ECE

Sample Case Study of conference Supported ECE [Word]
Benefits for ECE Professionals Sample Case Study History of Subsidy for ECE [PDF]
Southeastern California Conf Wage Scale ECE [PDF]