Early Childhood Education

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CREATIONkids is a comprehensive, self-contained, digital curriculum that promotes the development of the whole child


"...I have come that you may live life to the fullest." – John 10:10

The Bible serves as the foundation of the CREATIONkids curriculum. Additionally, developmentally appropriate practices and evidenced-based research and instructional practices reinforce the curriculum’s value, integrity, validity and reliability.

The principles of CREATION Health serve as the framework for the curriculum. The eight principles of CREATION Health are fully integrated throughout the curriculum in order to facilitate the shaping of and integration into the total early childhood experience. This principle philosophy forms the basis for healthy and holistic living for teachers and caregivers as well as the families and children served. It also provides guidance, support and resources to teachers and caregivers for creating an engaging and developmentally appropriate environment, facilitating learning, fostering growth, as well as interacting with families, the church and the community. The principles of CREATION Health are as follows:

Choice Rest Environment Activity Trust
Interpersonal skills Outlook Nutrition

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If you have questions regarding the content or implementation of the curriculum, contact your ECE Conference or Union leader and you can always email us at eccreationhealth@creationhealth.com.