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Developing a Respectful child

Raising young children to be like Jesus starts with instilling respect for God and His authority.

As young children are taught to respect you and as they observe you respecting others, they will learn to respect God.

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Bible Verses:

Psalm 111:10 The fear[or repsect] of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

Proverbs 8:13 The fear [respect] of the Lord is to hate evil,pride arrogance and the evil way

Proverbs 14:26 In the fear [respect] of the LORD is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge

Learning Respect — Birth-3

Your children will learn by your example what respect looks like, your tone of voice, the smile on your lips and in your eyes, when responding to their needs or to their friend’s need.

Bible Stories

Read 1 Chronicles 29:10-16. We can show respect for God  by acknowledging who He is like David did.

Isaiah 36 and 37 Share the story of Hezekiah's prayer. Emphasize how Hezekiah responded to those who "disrespected" him and how God honored Hezekiah's prayer and was pleased with his behavior. Empahsize how we shouldn't react with disrespect to those who disrespect us.

Daniel and the Lions — Birth-3

Help your child know that God wants them to talk to Him.

One said Thank You — Pre-K

We worship Jesus when we thank Him.

Family Connections

Raising young children to be like Jesus starts with instilling respect for God and His authority. As young children are taught to respect you and as they observe you respecting others, they will learn to respect God.

Be respectful yourself. Model using “please” , “thank you” , and “yes ma’am” and ensure that your child uses these terms too signifying respect . Young children should address adults by titles such as Mr., Ms., Aunt or Uncle and not by their first names so that they begin  to understand what it means to respect someone of authoirty.

Begin teaching young children that God is special and so is His “ho use” the church. Teach young children appropriate “church” behavior such as no running, speaking softly, dressing special, etc.

Haave family worship daily. Emphasize the importance of this special time with Jesus in child friendly ways.

Family Activities — Pre-K

Activities to help your child be respectful.


Adventist History

Do you like to talk to Grandma or Grandpa on the phone? I do. We don’t talk to God on the phone, but we can talk to Him by praying. William was a farmer. Do you know what a farmer does? He grows food items in the field, right! William knew how to grow food, and he knew God. He read his Bible every day. He prayed every day. William believed that there were lots of people who needed to know about what God says in His Bible, so he spent time praying about it. He was worried about being a preacher and a farmer so, he made God a promise. Have you ever made a promise? Well, William made a promise that if someone asked him to preach about God’s Word, he would do it.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. (Either you make a knocking sound, or have the kids do that.) When William opened the door there was a boy. “Uncle William,” the boy said, “Father sent me to ask you to come to our church tomorrow. Our preacher will be gone. Will you come and teach us what you’ve been learning?” (God’s Adventurers). William had made a promise and so he went out to the trees and prayed to God that he would be able to do what he had promised. We can talk to God, too, just like William did – in prayer!

Activities that develop a respectful child

Have a tea party-

Send a personal invitation to each child or have them make the invitations and invite special guests like grandparents or someone special in their neighborhood. Have the children come dressed in their “tea party best” and use this as an opportunity to work on manners. Teach children how to shake hands, how to introduce themselves, how to sit properly in their chair, how to use their napkins appropriately, how to drink from a tea cup, how to pass/serve food, how to ask for food to be passed to them, and how to have respectful conversations with adults/elders. You can then tell the children that God has extended a special invitation to his feast in Heaven and He can’t wait until we can join Him there. Until that time, we can practice how to be respectful here so that we will be ready for the big banquet in Heaven.

Make wind chimes with the students-

Beforehand, gather objects that will make a nice sound when the wind blows, such as shells. Poke holes in each shell so that the children can then pull a piece of string or nylon thread through each hole, and tie a knot. Next,